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About CECS


The Engineering, Modeling and Applied Social Sciences Center (CECS) is the academic unit of UFABC responsible for the activities of Teaching, Research and Continuing Education areas of Engineering, Modeling and Applied Social Sciences. The undergraduate courses offered by CECS have a thematic and innovative focus for the country. To a degree in engineering, some courses are offered: Aerospace, Environmental and Urban, Biomedical, Energy, Management, Information, Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics and Materials. In the area of ​​Social Sciences, Bachelor's degrees are offered in Economics, Public Policy, International Relations and Spatial Planning.

CECS also actively participates in the provision of compulsory and elective courses for the Bachelor of Science and Technology (BC&T) and the Bachelor of Humanities and Sciences (BC&H). With respect to graduate, CECS has an interdisciplinary program in the area of ​​Energy; besides participating in the Nanoscience, Advanced Materials and Information Engineering programs, along with the other centers.


The pedagogical principles that based the guidelines of CECS are the constant search for intellectual autonomy of the student, the value of interdisciplinary research, the proposition of new technology trends and critical focus on results, so that the responsible and ethical use of knowledge is always directed towards a society that seeks innovation and sustainability.


The faculty of CECS is constituted uniquely for PhD professors, in exclusive dedication and expertise in the areas of teaching, research and extension. The diversity of professionals trained in several areas of knowledge such as technological, administrative, economics and social, provides students numerous possibilities of learning and intellectual training. Through an ethical and competent search is the development of multidisciplinary students, one critically, creatively and continuously committed to the quality of higher education and the development of the country. The infrastructure of CECS provides students with diverse teaching laboratories, computer and research, in addition to special engineering projects laboratory. There is also the possibility of participating in teams formed to thematic projects, such as IEEE (Student Branch in UFABC), GPDA (Aerodesign), Mini Baja (Automotive) etc.


For further information contact us via email Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. or by phone +55(11)4996-7940.